An AAU basketball program for boys in high school with a minimum GPA of 3.3 and on track to apply to the top tier academic schools including the NESCAC, UAA, Liberty League and Centennial Conference.

Beginning in March, we play tournaments with a concentration on exposure to the coaches at these colleges and then encourage our players to attend the best camps in June and July where the coaches will see them again.


Personal Highlight Videos produced by one of the top services to aid in recruitment at the top academic schools.


Advisement Services for identifying the “right” schools for student athletes to apply and attracting the attention of the coaches to facilitate the recruitment process. This fee-based service is for all sports in all NCAA Divisions, Junior Colleges and the Boarding Schools for reclass and PG years.

Financial Aid Advisement and assistance in preparing the FAFSA and CSS forms in addition to identifying strategies for achieving better results in receiving financial aid packages from colleges and universities.


A fee-based service to help a student athlete earn a college uniform at a D3 school.

Academic Basketball™ starts with the only AAU program focused on working with student athletes with a minimum GPA of 3.3 and leads to exposure to the coaches of the top academic colleges in the country with the expressed intention of helping each player earn a college uniform. Based in Fairfield County Connecticut, ABC plays in tournaments throughout the northeast, encourages its players to attend selected camps at the top academic universities and then plays as a Team at the Hoop Mountain All-Academic Camps in San Diego and at Brandeis.

The valuable resources we have accumulated from many years of success with our AAU program are also offered, as a fee-based service, to student athletes throughout the country and Europe including assistance with identifying the “right” schools to earn a college uniform, producing a personal highlight video and assistance through the financial aid strategy and application process. Our concentration is the same: on student athletes with high academic performance and proven skills at the sports they love. This service is not limited to basketball. The process for success is to find the “right” school for the student athlete.

Rule #1:ErrorRule #1Remember to Have Fun! Remember To Have Fun

Rule #2:ErrorRule #2Acquiris Quodcumque Rapis. Acquiris Quodcumque Rapis. The price of the initial consultation with us is for the student athlete to email us what Rule #2 means and why he/she believes we want to start our first conversation this way. This applies to playing on one of our Teams and for our assistance with helping the student athlete to find the “right” school.

Why do we do this? Because we can. And we know it’s worth our effort – sort of our investment in the future of some of the kids we believe in who can make a difference. Simply put, we care.

We would like to make a statement on the matter of rules, compliance and the actions of others that have caused many to take issue with AAU basketball in the macro and with a team or coach in the micro: Not only do we know the rules (both the letter and spirit) we wholeheartedly pledge/endeavor/mandate ourselves to follow them without fail every day that ends in a "y." We maintain a higher standard for ourselves than others expect of us. In all matters, we live by the Golden Rule in addition to Rules #1 and 2.