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Why attend the BOYS Academic Basketball Camp, Metro NY

  • The Academic Basketball Camp is the first of its kind in the country for boys in preparing players for the unique experience and opportunity of the All-Academic Camp at Brandeis with direct review and feedback from college coaches.
  • The Academic Basketball Camp has a coach from the top academic conferences, e.g., NESCAC, UAA, NEWMAC, Centennial, ODAC, SCIAC, SAA, Landmark and Liberty League, at the camp to work directly with the players.
  • The Academic Basketball Camp is just 20 minutes from NYC and the New York area airports and the Metro North commuter railroad runs trains to the Bronxville station twice hourly, which allows easy access for everyone.
  • The Academic Basketball Camp attracts student-athletes from around the country. In 2021, 14 states were represented; 31 states and 5 foreign countries were represented so far at the boys camp.
  • The Academic Basketball Camp will get you the exposure you need to play at a top flight academic school.
  • Every game is videotaped by Crusader 22 Productions.

Why attend the All-Academic Basketball Camp at BABSON:

  • The All-Academic Camp was the first of its kind in the country. Many have tried to copy the camp, but none are even close to the original in terms of quality.
  • Last year the All-Academic Camp had over 150 college coaches and scouts in attendance.
  • The camp is recruited by the top academic/athletic schools in the country (Division I, II, and III).
  • Scouting report representatives including New England Recruiting Report give these camps MAXIMUM EXPOSURE.
  • Every game is videotaped by Crusader 22 Productions.
  • The Girls 2022 Academic Basketball Camp will not be held but the Girls All-Academic Camp will replace it and there are many wonderful camps on our list for you to consider. If you would like assistance to Earn A College Uniform at one of the top academic schools on the Women’s team, please call or email for information on how to get started.

Contact information
Please direct all questions to:
Harvey Rubin
Academic Basketball Camp Director
Phone: 203.329.0707

Please mail Registration, Medical Form and payment to: Academic Basketball, 141 Sweet Briar Road, Stamford CT 06905. Please email, fax (203.774.0603) or send a copy of the high school transcript after the school-year ends.

Coaches confirmed to be at the Camp, e.g.,:
  • UAA
  • Liberty
  • ODAC
  • Centennial
  • Commonwealth
  • Landmark
  • Midwest
  • SCAC


Harvey Rubin
Phone: 203.329.0707

We would like to make a statement on the matter of rules, compliance and the actions of others that have caused many to take issue with AAU basketball in the macro, which is why we are eschewing identification with aau and referring to the genre as Grassroots, and with a team or coach in the micro: Not only do we know the rules (both the letter and spirit) we wholeheartedly pledge/endeavor/mandate ourselves to follow them without fail every day that ends in a “y.” We maintain a higher standard for ourselves than others expect of us. In all matters, we live by the Golden Rule in addition to Rules #1 and 2.