Harvey Rubin is a College Advisor to parents searching for help navigating the college selection process for their student athlete, as well as helping student athletes identify the “right” colleges for them to Earn A College Uniform and then advising how to achieve their goals. Earn A College Uniform is not about “placement” or talent measurement; it is about understanding the differences of the unique schools and the opportunities for a student athlete to succeed in making a manageable list from the 1300+ colleges and universities to be able to visit and ultimately choose the school “right” for them and their family..

Once the games are done, it is time for the marketing and matchmaking. The top recruits are contacted by the coaches who are trying to sell their programs to the players and hoping to make a match. In almost all cases, we make sure the players know about the schools and it is a matter of presentation, expression of interest and building chemistry. Similarly, for the players not seen as top recruits, it is also time to market and make your own selections. Take a tour to visit many campuses in a geographic area during the summer and narrow the list of potential schools to a list preferred schools and campuses. Then contact the coaches at your preferred schools with an “eloquent email” and ask them to review your video, transcript and scores.

Or, you can contact us. We offer a fee-based service to match you with the schools you are interested in (and helping you to make that list) and the coaches at those schools for them to evaluate your video, transcript and scores to find the match that is “right.” We are not a recruiting or scouting service by any means – we are college advisers concentrating on student athletes interested to Earn A College Uniform based on the process we have had success with our Academic Basketball Club grassroots program – over the last 12 years, almost every player completing our program has earned offers of college uniforms. We have relationships with coaches at all levels with an emphasis and preference for the top academic schools in the country (and Canada) which helps us to know about the schools, about the students at the schools and the success the graduates have in getting jobs upon graduation – so it is not about placement or talent evaluation, rather it is about helping to figure out which is the “right” school to attend college. We also have long-standing relationships with coaches at most of the boarding schools in New England, New York and New Jersey which is a very good option to consider for many families as the benefits of boarding schools and post grad years go far beyond athletics and help students in many more ways than most people consider. Following the advice of many satisfied families, we are “bottling the formula” and offering it to you so you can Earn A College Uniform.


Most families find the cost of college overwhelming and for good reason. The top schools are approaching $60,000 per year as the reward for a student’s hard work and dedication to earning the opportunity to get into one of these schools. The good news is that there is a lot of financial aid out there in forms of scholarships, grants, loans and programs some schools offer to help students who need it. Like many things, to do it right the first time you need the services of someone who not only knows the system, you need someone who understands the system. We have found people who are professionals at the business behind financial aid and can help parents to sort through all of it to find financial aid and money available to them. In many cases it requires strategic planning; in other cases it is a matter of filling out the forms correctly. In all cases, talking to a professional who understands the process is like everything else in the process – Acquiris Quodcumque Rapis. Even if you believe you make too much money to be eligible for financial aid there may be things you can consider doing to enhance your applications. Colleges are different every much as every family’s situation is different. Financial aid eligibility takes into consideration many factors and one of the biggest factors is the size of the pool a school makes available for financial aid to its students and which group of students it chooses to apportion the parts of their pool to. Understanding these factors enables parents to enact strategies that can maximize their financial awards. If you can use help – whether it is a need or an interest in getting more insight – please let us put you in touch with people who both know and understand the process.


We have identified two resources with special tools to assist students in enhancing their performance on the SAT, ACT and SAT Subject Tests as well as a tool to identify which test, the SAT or ACT, will likely yield a better result for the student. Both of these resources are used in addition to the company or person you are using for a Preparation Course, locally. If you can use help – whether it is a need or an interest in getting more insight – please let us put you in touch with people who both know and understand the process.


And last but certainly not least, the College Application Essay. Most high academic schools require supplemental essays to the Common App. With all essays, the opportunity to define yourself in the eyes of the Admissions Department representative is crucial. Too many students miss this opportunity and fail to gain admission to a school they are qualified to attend and highly desire. We have identified resources to assist students with their essays, beginning with understanding the talents being sought by the schools and choosing essay topics which showcase these talents, building a strong foundation for the essays, editing and correcting the essays to teach lessons needed so the student can re-write an essay worthy of their submission.

We would like to make a statement on the matter of rules, compliance and the actions of others that have caused many to take issue with AAU basketball in the macro, which is why we are eschewing identification with aau and referring to the genre as Grassroots, and with a team or coach in the micro: Not only do we know the rules (both the letter and spirit) we wholeheartedly pledge/endeavor/mandate ourselves to follow them without fail every day that ends in a “y.” We maintain a higher standard for ourselves than others expect of us. In all matters, we live by the Golden Rule in addition to Rules #1 and 2.