Earn A College Uniform

Harvey Rubin is a College Advisor to parents searching for help navigating the college selection process for their student athlete, as well as helping student athletes identify the “right” colleges for them to Earn A College Uniform and then advising how to achieve their goals. Earn A College Uniform is not about “placement” or talent measurement; it is about understanding the differences of the unique schools and the opportunities for a student athlete to succeed in making a manageable list from the 1300+ colleges and universities to be able to visit and ultimately choose the school “right” for them and their family..

Once the games are done, it is time for the marketing and matchmaking. The top recruits are contacted by the coaches who are trying to sell their programs to the players and hoping to make a match. In almost all cases, we make sure the players know about the schools and it is a matter of presentation, expression of interest and building chemistry. Similarly, for the players not seen as top recruits, it is also time to market and make your own selections. Take a tour to visit many campuses in a geographic area during the summer and narrow the list of potential schools to a list preferred schools and campuses. Then contact the coaches at your preferred schools with an “eloquent email” and ask them to review your video, transcript and scores.

Or, you can contact us. We offer a fee-based service to match you with the schools you are interested in (and helping you to make that list) and the coaches at those schools for them to evaluate your video, transcript and scores to find the match that is “right.” We are not a recruiting or scouting service by any means – we are college advisers concentrating on student athletes interested to Earn A College Uniform based on the process we have had success with our Academic Basketball Club grassroots program – over the last 12 years, almost every player completing our program has earned offers of college uniforms. We have relationships with coaches at all levels with an emphasis and preference for the top academic schools in the country (and Canada) which helps us to know about the schools, about the students at the schools and the success the graduates have in getting jobs upon graduation – so it is not about placement or talent evaluation, rather it is about helping to figure out which is the “right” school to attend college. We also have long-standing relationships with coaches at most of the boarding schools in New England, New York and New Jersey which is a very good option to consider for many families as the benefits of boarding schools and post grad years go far beyond athletics and help students in many more ways than most people consider. Following the advice of many satisfied families, we are “bottling the formula” and offering it to you so you can Earn A College Uniform.


The importance of ABC’s will never diminish. For the “Rising Senior” Student-Athlete, in addition to the ABC’s, the STUV’s take on a level of importance which demands proper preparation and performance. As a Student-Athlete begins the recruitment process, and families being their search for the “right” college or university, the first things they will hear from college coaches are their request for STUV’s (but in the reverse order): Video, Upcoming schedule, high school Transcript and Scores (SAT and/or ACT). more


All you have to do is choose which college or university is the “right” one. With over 1300 (in basketball) to choose from, 341 at the D1 level, 290 in D2 and over 400 in D3 – plus almost 300 more in NAIA and a growing number of programs competing at other levels – there are a lot of options. We have identified 130 “high academic” schools which are non-BCS (the super-major top ranked) schools. It is this list at which we seek to match players and coaches. And in almost every case, the first thing the coaches will say, after introductions and pleasantries, is “can you please send me your video, upcoming schedule, transcript and scores”. You can prepare for that. But figuring out which schools to contact? The resources for college information is plentiful in guidebooks, specially published magazines and annual reviews, and online databases and reviews. The key is matching the players and coaches. College coaches find players though direct communications received form the players, referrals from high school and aau coaches, seeing videos online, from scouting services which they pay a lot of money to receive exclusive and non-public reports, referrals from current players or friends, seeing players at tournaments, camps, and showcases. The decisions on which players to recruit are usually made by the end of the summer of a player’s Junior year – when they become “Rising Seniors” and are most often at the school’s camp, a national camp, a top national AAU tournament or Championships in Orlando, and at the All Academic Camp.


It starts with people and relationships. Harvey Rubin began what has become the Academic Basketball Club seventeen years ago and has developed a program measuring success with the growth and development of the players each year. Paul Krumins is a foundation in Fairfield County’s youth basketball structure and an integral member of ABC in addition to being the Director of Fairfield PAL basketball and a founding Board member of the Fairfield County Basketball League. more


All Juniors: Please take the SAT or ACT test three times before the end of your Junior year so the coaches will know what your best score, or what is close to it, is and whether you can be accepted at their respective school. With the tournaments and camps over it is time to ask: “What are the next steps in my quest to Earn A College Uniform?” Take the time now to prepare your tools:
  1. Write an eloquent email or letter.
  2. Pick out your best full game which will showcase your ability and not have any negatives visible.
  3. Produce a highlight video to attract the attention of the coaches.
  4. Study for the upcoming SAT/ACT tests in the fall so you can increase your scores.
  5. Begin working on your Common App essays while you have free time. These essays may very well make the difference between you getting accepted at a highly selective school and being deferred on your ED application. Or in the case of the top-level schools, being accepted in any of the periods.
  6. Visit the schools you are interested in to build your list of schools you want to go to.


The Fine Print is essential: all services are in compliance with NCAA Regulation Talent Evaluation Services and Agents. A prospective student-athlete may allow a scouting service or agent to distribute personal information (e.g., high school academics and athletics records, physical statistics) to member institutions without jeopardizing his or her eligibility, provided the fee paid to such an agent is not based on placing the prospective student-athlete in a collegiate institution as a recipient of institutional financial aid. As such, our services are advisement only and do not include any action to solicit or arrange for financial aid on the behalf of the student-athlete.


Academic Basketball Players Video Links

1. Justin Wright, Woodward School, PG   Highlight   Long Format
2. Justin Wright, Woodward School, PG   Highlight
3. Elias Gianopoulos, Greenwich (CT), PG   Highlight
4. Elias Gianopoulos, Greenwich (CT), PG   Highlight   Long Format
5. Sam Lee, Brooklyn Technical, PG   Highlight   Long Format
6. Matthew Thompson, Boston College HS, PG   Highlight   Long Format
7. Danny Friedman, Pelham (NY) Memorial, PG   Highlight
8. Jon’il Fugett, G Washington (Denver), PG   Highlight
9. David Windley, Brentwood (TN), CG   Highlight   Long Format
10. Andrew Deng, Boston U Academy, CG   Highlight   Long Format
11. Andrew Deng PIANO! Boston U Academy, CG   Highlight
12. Jerry Tang, Woodside Priory, CG   Highlight   Long Format
13. Jerry Tang, Woodside Priory, CG   Highlight   Long Format
14. Clay Westermann, Lee Academy, CG   Highlight   Long Format
15. Ohmahre Gratton, Lakeside School, CG   Highlight
16. Jackson Qualley, Adlai Stevenson, SG   Highlight   Long Format
17. Orlando Ashford, Eastside Catholic, SG   Highlight   Long Format
18. Orlando Ashford, Eastside Catholic, SG   Highlight   Long Format
19. Noah Lewis, Legend HS (Denver), SG   Highlight   Long Format
20. Noah Lewis, Legend HS (Denver), SG   Highlight   Long Format
21. Andrew Varoli, St Lukes School (CT), SG   Highlight   Long Format
22. Dylan Sandhu, Detroit Country Day, SG   Highlight
23. Thomas Baer, Bethesda CC, wing   Highlight   Long Format
24. Thomas Baer, Bethesda CC, wing   Highlight   Long Format
25. Matt Robins, Greenwich (CT), wing   Highlight   Long Format
26. Graham Pierce, Brunswick School, wing   Highlight
27. Griffin McNally, Walt Whitman (NY), wing   Highlight   Long Format
28. William Schlemmer, Palo Alto (CA), wing   Highlight   Long Format
29. William Schlemmer, Palo Alto (CA), wing   Highlight   Long Format
30. Elliott Tirbaso, St Edward (OH), wing   Highlight   Long Format
31. Jordan Kunney, Paideia School, PF   Highlight
32. Jordan Kunney, Paideia School, PF   Highlight   Long Format
33. Gregory Skoric, Ridgewood (NJ), Post   Highlight   Long Format
34. Henry Holzinger, Greens Farms Academy, SG   Highlight
35. Jelani Jackson, Stamford (CT), SG   Highlight
36. Elijah Galloway, Saunders (Yonkers NY), wing   Highlight   Long Format
37. Ty Mack, Saunders (Yonkers NY), wing   Highlight   Long Format
38. Jack Tierney, Darien (CT), wing   Highlight
39. Jack Atkins, Hopkins School, wing   Highlight   Long Format
40. Ty Stapleton, Fairfield (CT) Ludlowe wing

Class of 2019

1. Evan Botwinik, Olympic Heights, PG
2. Jacob Roth, Marvelwood School, CG   Highlight   Long Format
3. Sean Ingoglia, Salisbury School, wing   Highlight   Long Format
4. Sean Ingoglia, Salisbury School, wing   Highlight   Long Format
5. James St Pierre, Ridgefield (CT), PG   Highlight   Long Format
6. Austin Waldron, North Salem (NY), wing   Highlight   Long Format
7. Andy Vittoria, Regis (NYC) School, wing   Highlight   Long Format
8. Tate McLean, Bronx Science, PG   Highlight
9. David Herzig, Collegiate School, SG   Highlight
10. Kyle Moser, Holy Cross (CT), PF   Highlight
11. Quinton Sneed-Lott, Kolbe Cathedral, wing   Highlight
12. Harrison Dignan, Brewster (NY), PGHighlight
13. Thomas Whyte   Highlight   Long Format
14. Evan Botwinik   Highlight   Long Format
Highlight   Long Format
15. Dean Mazlish   Highlight   Long Format
Highlight   Long Format
16. Harrison Dignan   Highlight   Long Format
17. Jerry Tang   Highlight   PG Year at St Thomas More
18. Nick Grassman   Highlight   Long Format
19. Marco Barosi – Coming off an injury; out all spring/summer at Cheshire Academy
Bryce Kilkenny   Highlight   Long Format
20. Kevin McAuliffe   Highlight   Long Format
Highlight   Long Format
21. Chuck Sweat   Highlight
Highlight   Long Format
22. Brendan Mora   Highlight   Long Format
23. Harry Ravitz   Highlight   Long Format
24. Jacob Roth   Highlight   Long Format
25. Kameron Owen   Highlight   Long Format
26. Casey Nardone   Highlight   Long Format
27. Sean Ingoglia   Highlight   Long Format
Highlight   Long Format
28. Will Schlemmer   Highlight   Long Format
29. Joey Ganley   Highlight
Highlight   Long Format
30. Alex Boyd   Highlight   Long Format
31. Dylan Osimetha   Highlight
32. Johnny King   Highlight   Long Format
33. Teddy Brown   Highlight   Long Format
34. Oliver Milledge   Highlight   Long Format
35. Kyle Moser

The 2020’s

1. Ethan McEachern, Lakeridge (OR), CG   Highlight   Long Format
2. Logan Scott, Colonie (NY) Central, wing   Highlight
3. David Basich   Highlight   Long Format
4. Henry Wessel   Highlight   Long Format
5. Joe Manfredi
6. Logan Scott
7. William Hatfield   Highlight   Long Format
8. Dylan Farley   Highlight   Long Format

Best Camp Game of the Year:

1. ABC Rubin vs Rise Above   Highlight

The Award Winning Videos

1. Thibaud Rubin   Highlight

2. “The Video”   Highlight

Congratulations Class of 2022

Alex Justh

Joey Skoric

Sarah Lawrence
Justin Difabio, Mason Meyers

Sacha Greenberg

Colorado College
Orion Ssmikoglu

Sean Walser, Brandon Nicario

TJ Calabrese

Brewster Academy
JB Frankel, Evan Walker

Alex Halpern

Evan Flaks

Duncan Besch

Ben Chasin

Griff Harblin, Rogan Gibbons, John Creveling,

Kimball Union
Miles Burton

Berkshire School
Royce West

Claremont McKenna
James Frye

Miles Buckley

Blair Penn

Kelsey Ericksen

Beaver CDS
Parker Kendall

Pace University
Annabelle Burnett

Caroline Pontaoe – Cornell, Adam Shumway – Wash U, Brendan Columbia-Walsh – Yale, TJ Hutchinson – Wash & Lee, 

Stevens Tech – Grad xfer
Blake Henry

Jake Poole

Adam Fitzsimmons

We would like to make a statement on the matter of rules, compliance and the actions of others that have caused many to take issue with AAU basketball in the macro, which is why we are eschewing identification with aau and referring to the genre as Grassroots, and with a team or coach in the micro: Not only do we know the rules (both the letter and spirit) we wholeheartedly pledge/endeavor/mandate ourselves to follow them without fail every day that ends in a “y.” We maintain a higher standard for ourselves than others expect of us. In all matters, we live by the Golden Rule in addition to Rules #1 and 2.