• DROOM – Don’t Run Out Of Money
  • Bigger Isn’t Better – Better Is Better
  • Do It Right the First Time
  • PPPPP – Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance
  • Only Do Business With People You Like and Trust
  • You Can Always Make a Living Doing Something You Love; but You Can’t Always Love What You Do to Make a Living
  • To Solve a Computer Problem You Need a Teenager
  • Just Because You Say It Doesn’t Make It So
  • Just Because It Has Always Been Done (That Way) Doesn’t Mean It’s Right (or Still Right Today)
  • You Know What You Know, You May Even Know What You Don’t Know, but It Is What You Don’t Know That You Don’t Know That Will Get You Every Time
  • The Secrets are just as simple: CARE!


I Pay Attention LLC is managed by Harvey Rubin, an experienced financial professional in the sports and television industries. Harvey has helped start over 50 businesses, mostly for super-creative professionals who, while extraordinary at what they do creatively, do not have the skills to become entrepreneurs. For these super-creatives, having a detail-oriented guru is the difference between growing their own successful business and working for someone else as a gun-for-hire.

After starting his career at Price Waterhouse and moving onto financial executive positions at the National Basketball Association, CBS Sports and ESPN, Harvey began his consulting practice, Sports Television Business Management, Inc., to support several former creative executives that he had helped set up in business. After 9 years and moving into general business consulting for entrepreneurs outside of the sports and television industries, Harvey became the Chief Financial Officer and Executive Producer of Major League Lacrosse, a start-up professional sports league, leading the league through its first two seasons.

The entrepreneurial call has returned and the creation of I Pay Attention, LLC answers because it is time to do some good, again. The Honor Roll of past projects worked on include:

Business credits include:

Creation and development of the ALPO® National Grand Championship of Purebred Dogs series that determines the best dog in the USA in competition.

Advisement provided to World University Games ’93; National Collegiate Ski Association; Women With A Future; Women’s Professional Billiards Association; American Sumo Wrestling; I Am Beautiful; Sports ID; UX Open Golf; MoneyHunt; Killer B Promotions; World Combat League.

Basketball Hall of Fame – Coordinated the RFP for video and interactive displays at the new Basketball Hall of Fame with significant creative input for the content and video production of the exhibits.

Most recent project:

BELLATOR FIGHTING CHAMPIONSHIPS 2010 Seasons Two and Three: Executive Director in charge of Event Operations and Execution in addition to usual the usual role of Unit Production Manager for all Television business, operations and production.

Major Production Credits since 1992 include:

Coke Olympic City and SportsLab – UPM for the project consisting of dozens of EFP shoots of athletes in their sports environment for Interactive Virtual Reality complex of traveling road show and the Olympic Village.

ALPO® National Grand Championship of Purebred Dogs – Developed, implemented and produced the series of 20 AKC dog shows and television programs from four sites per year.

Executive Producer – Major League Lacrosse Game of the Week Producer –The first original feature story piece for Outdoor Life to air on their network debut.

Dogs Being Dogs & Horsing Around– Producing a series of Dog and Horse identification programs for the Outdoor Life network.

PGA Golf – Completely packaged the production of the 1992 Chattanooga Classic–the first time a PGA event was ever produced for a regional sports network.

IBM Product Release: System 390 – Unit Production Manager and Assistant Producer of the award-winning video shot at Moab, Utah. Essentially, the assignment was to do the Jeep commercial for IBM mainframes. Responsibilities included site selection; casting; all negotiations and on-site management including BLM liaisoning. Timeline from conception to completion including 9 days on site was 23 days.

Ultimatte production of Figure Skating – Co-developed and implemented the first production of a major sporting event shot in front of a full-field, 180 foot long green screen. Produced by KC Productions for the Romance Classics Network to air on Valentines Day 1999, this professional figure skating event has already re-defined how non-competition skating events are produced for television.

Business TV –Produced a series of videos to assist departmental information release and Annual Meeting/Convention to solicit and attract Business Partners for IBM. Unit Manager of the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award event for CT Yankee in 1996 and 1997.

Corporate Entertainment – Project Manager and Event Producer for the largest Venture Capital entertainment party in New York, 2000 held at the Metropolitan Pavilion for by MoneyHunt and included a live-produced MoneyHunt program within the party.

Entertainment – Live on Wisteria Lane, a live studio program following the Season 1 Finale of Desperate Housewives; Royal Wedding, turnaround coverage and commentary on Prince Charles’ wedding; Oscar Night live dressing room commentary; Katie Joel Pilot which evolved into Top Chef.

Home Video – Project Manager for the overwhelmingly successful Gravity Games Home Video Series including producing Gravity Games: The Music Video. Managed project from conception to completion.

Unit Production Manager – Kick Boxing including a two-day live production in Bangkok, the first ever done by US television, and numerous live events; NFL scrimmage in Barcelona, Spain, World Cup & US National Championship Skiing – Freestyle, Jumping, Nordic Combined, Cross Country; Bobsled, Luge and Skeleton; Billiards; Women’s Baseball; Volleyball; Diving; Road Bowling, Football; Lacrosse; Bowling; MMA (several properties); WTA productions from around the world.

Executive in Charge of Production for ESPN’s Seasons of Change, the award-winning roundtable discussion on the impact of the Civil Rights Movement has had on sports in America.

We would like to make a statement on the matter of rules, compliance and the actions of others that have caused many to take issue with AAU basketball in the macro, which is why we are eschewing identification with aau and referring to the genre as Grassroots, and with a team or coach in the micro: Not only do we know the rules (both the letter and spirit) we wholeheartedly pledge/endeavor/mandate ourselves to follow them without fail every day that ends in a “y.” We maintain a higher standard for ourselves than others expect of us. In all matters, we live by the Golden Rule in addition to Rules #1 and 2.